For Phoebus Interiors founder Toby Alleyne-Gee, interior design is about much more than merely creating beautiful spaces. “Comfort, timelessness, a sense of place: these are the watchwords of my design philosophy,” he explains. “Whether for a city apartment, country house or island hideaway, I seek to devise interiors that are not only understatedly elegant, but also welcoming, practical and appropriate to their location. My passions – music, languages, literature, fine art, classical architecture, history, antiques and textiles – all come to bear in the design process.”

Avoiding short-lived trends, Phoebus Interiors looks to the past for inspiration, while nonetheless adopting a relaxed approach to traditional decoration: “I place particular emphasis on scale, proportion, symmetry and harmonious colour, combining these elements to create an atmospheric environment for everyday life that will remain fresh and evolve for years to come.”

Toby believes that the principles of classical design can be applied to any interior and that stylish living can be accessible to all. Approaching a room with a fresh, discerning eye, tweaking a furniture arrangement, rehanging pictures or suggesting new curtains, lighting and accessories that match your home and lifestyle can also make a huge difference. For this reason, Phoebus Interiors offers not only classic interior design, but also on-site consulting and online design packages. For further information on these services, please use the contact form.